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Mobile Truck / Microwave

Caples Productions has produced a wide variety of multi-camera shows for conventions, broadcast and sports shows, in-studio political programs, internet and national satellite broadcast.

We have used both our 33’ mobile production truck and our versatile and portable Fly Pack system to videotape these events.

Every January the City of Laughlin hosts the SCORE Off Road Challenge. This is an eight mile off road race that winds through the desert, gullies, dunes, and mountains that surrounds a spectator, VIP, vendor and special events arena.

With the use of our seven microwave systems Caples is able to microwave audio and video from each camera position back to our mobile truck. We are then able to switch multiple cameras, as well as instant replay, slow motion, graphics, and commercials into the content of the program.

The output of the truck is sent via microwave to a 22’X24” LED Big Screen, so spectators can monitor the race throughout the eight mile course. The truck can also be outputted to wireless internet, hard drive recorder, videotape or satellite up-link.

This truck is the only locally owned truck in Las Vegas and is used to produce boxing,
mixed marshal arts, high school band review show, football, basketball, and other
locally broadcast events.

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The following is a list of equipment that travels with this mobile unit:



Ross                Synergy 100 Digital 16 Input Production Switcher

                        With Clean Feed and Effects

Sony                Digital Cameras-DSR-300/370/500WS with Field and Studio Configuration

Sony                DXC-390 Remote Clock Camera

Sony                5-M-7 CCU’s

Sony                1-D-30 Camera with 18X Zoom Lens, Beta Recorder back, 26-pin back

Sony                3 Sony RM-M7G Remote CCU’s Units

Sony                Beta SP Deck – PVW-2800 Acquisition/Playback Deck

Sony                DVCam - DSR-80 Acquisition/Playback Deck

FastForward  Omega Instant Replay Slo-Mo/ Playback

Buf                 “Sports” Instant Reply Slo-Mo

Sony                VHS-SLV-393 Record/Playback Deck

Panasonic        DVD Disc Recorders - 2 

Videonics       FireStore Hard Drive Recorder

Laird              Field Fire (Fire Wire Converter)

For-a               8-TBC’s



Berenger         24 Channel Stereo Audio Board

360 Systems    Instant Replay Audio System

Denon           Dual CD Audio Decks

Tascam           Model 112 Audio Cassette Deck



ClearCom      4 Channel System with 15 Stations and Talent IFB

EarTech         Wireless Radio System 6 Stations

Telex               Main Station 4 drop/expandable

Telex               Wireless Intercom System with 4 wireless stations


                             Character Generator

Compix           LCG 5000R


                             General Information

Chevrolet  33-Foot Box Truck.

Production Unit comes equipped with dual air conditioning units.

Single-phase 220-volt power circuit breakers, approximately 85’ electrical run.

Roof Top Shooting Platform.

Fluid Head Tripods and Dolly’s.

Miscellaneous Headsets, Microphones, Audio & Video Cables.

Wave Form Monitor and Vector Scope.

Sports Telestrator

7-Microwave Link, unlicensed 5.8 Gig

Internet Capable

26 Pin Multi-core Video Cable

Assorted talent and floor monitors






Caples Productions (702) 547-1010




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For more info:

3325 W. Wigwam Ave - Las Vegas, NV 89139 - Office: 702.547.1010 - Fax: 702.547.1001


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