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Caples Productions

filmCaples Productions is one of the leading full service independent video production company and advertising agency in Southern Nevada. Caples Productions studio includes four full feature editing bays, seven digital Sony State of the Art cameras, in-house DVD and VHS duplication services, custom labeling and packaging, as well as transfer several obsolete formats to DVD. Caples Productions offers an industrial video division which produces industrial videos, sales presentations, infomercials and broadcast quality television programs. Caples Productions has produced over 500 commercials for businesses, major corporations and political candidates.

Our Image Magnification (I-Mag) services features a 33-foot state-of-the-art serial digital truck that is used to feed live switched action of major sporting events and concerts. These are fed to a Jumbotron or Big Screen that gives the viewer an opportunity to enjoy the event up close and personal. Our truck gives us the capability to run advertising, event information, replays, slow motion and add graphics.

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3325 W. Wigwam Ave - Las Vegas, NV 89139 - Office: 702.547.1010 - Fax: 702.547.1001


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